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Charlotte Limousine Service

Signature Transportation is a premier limousine and transportation service in Charlotte, NC. Our professional and courteous driver's and chauffeurs have years of experience and are guaranteed to get you to your destination in comfort and on time. Our drivers are very knowledgeable about the Charlotte, NC and surrounding area and can offer suggestions on local events and restaurants to attend. Signature Transportation provides limousine services for airport transportation, weddings, corporate executives, business transportation, prom, celebrities, and special occasions.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Charlotte Limousine Service over a Traditional Taxi

While a basic taxi service does come with a few benefits, the truth is that more and more people would instead turn to a Charlotte limousine service these days. Why? There are quite a few reasons to travel in style, but most importantly, it is about the value for money.


Class and Impressions


A class is about luxury, yet a limousine service is not about wasting money. Instead, you have good value for money. For example, whether you meet some business associates or your travel to a meeting with an important customer, it is essential to keep it classy. It is one thing to show up in a classic cab and another thing to have a professional chauffeur open the door for you.


Even if you expect someone over, do not let them fight others for taxis in the airport, but book a limo. What can make a better impression than an elegant chauffeur waiting for your vital guest to provide a luxurious ride to the conference room?


Meeting your partner's parents for the first time, having your parents visit after a long time – such reasons demand proper transportation.




Imagine rushing out of an airport with another 200 people. Maybe 100 of them have friends and family waiting for them. The others will be in your situation – looking for a taxi. It is just so much hassle. If you are not lucky, you will have to wait in a queue. Even if you book a taxi, they are not always as reliable as you might think.


But on the other hand, a professional Charlotte limousine service will take pride in its reliability. The driver will be there waiting for you way before the plane arrives. It will take you to the destination on time too.



Style and Comfort


Get a classic taxi, and you will have one of those drivers who try to make small talk, but they only bug you. You might smell the smoke of a cigarette as well, not to mention some terrible music. If you are there with your partner and perhaps a kid too, comfort is history. Your luggage? Some in the boot, some on the backseat next to you.


Now, a limo will give you the opportunity to stretch after that long flight, enjoy the extra space for your family and skip the small talk – one of the most uncomfortable things even for many people. It smells good, it feels luxurious, and when it comes to the price, the difference is not even that big – totally worth it.


Time Management and Convenience


To some people, renting a car is a more cost-efficient option – or at least it seems so. But is it worth struggling with traffic in a place that you are not familiar with? Even if you do know the area, there are other things you want to do after you land after a few hours.


Take advantage of the extra time to unwind and get back on track. Check your emails or take a look through your favorite social networks. Make a bit of work or call some important people. If you travel with leisure purposes, admire the surroundings and think of something to do for the evening.


Saving Both Time and Money


Apart from saving some time, an Airport limousine service will save you money in the long run too – not today, not tomorrow, but a while after. How come? Think about renting a car. It is not just the rental cost. You will most likely pay parking fees everywhere. Besides, most rental companies come with waiver fees, and they try to charge you for literally everything. Second, you need to refuel it once you are done. Moreover, you will get stuck in traffic because you have no idea which streets to avoid due to roadworks, road closures or traffic. All these costs add up. aking a regular cab is not so inefficient, but the rapport for price and quality will leave a lot to be desired. After all, you can never compare the comfort and privacy from a limo to a traditional taxi.




Bottom line, no one can deny the numerous benefits of a limo service, whether you compare it to car rental services or traditional taxis. Not only can you enjoy a comfortable and peaceful ride, but you also get excellent value for money. Surprisingly enough, hiring limo services on a regular basis will save you more money than driving yourself.